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Booking terms and conditions



We know that your booking is important to you. It is also extremely important to us as we want you to enjoy your time with K & B Travel Limited and to entrust your travel arrangements with us for many years to come. We also care about our reputation and want to be sure that you understand your commitment when making a booking. Please therefore spend a few moments reading the Conditions of Booking since they detail our obligation to you once a booking is confirmed.

1). PROVISIONAL BOOKINGS Provisional bookings can be held on option for a period of 7 days during which time the minimum specified deposit or full prepayment is required to confirm your booking. Please note a provisional booking may be cancelled without notice if payment is not received once the option has expired.

2). CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING Confirmation of your booking will be issued within 7 days of our office receiving your initial deposit or full prepayment. Please check all details e.g. tour dates, departure point are correct. Any errors should be notified to us within 7 days after which time our Conditions of Booking will apply.

3). OUTSTANDING BALANCE If applicable, the outstanding balance is due no later than 42 days (6 weeks) before the tour departure date. Please note no reminder will be issued. Bookings may be cancelled and your deposit lost if payment is not received by the due date. Full payment is required for all bookings received within 42 days of the tour departure date.

4). IF YOU CANCEL YOUR BOOKING The cancellation of a confirmed booking is only effective when received in writing from the person who made the booking. In order to cover our expenditure we charge a cancellation fee according to the scale below:

Period before departure: Cancellation fee shown as percentage of package cost
More than 42 days: Deposit only
28-42 days: 30%
14-27 days: 45%
7-13 days: 60%
Less than 7 days: 100%

5). IF YOU CHANGE YOUR BOOKING If you change any aspect of a confirmed booking including the coach pick-up point we will always do our very best to help. All changes must be notified in writing and an amended Confirmation of Booking will be issued. We regret we are unable to accept any changes to a confirmed booking within 7 days of the tour departure date.

6). IF WE CANCEL YOUR BOOKING Rarely, there is insufficient demand for a particular tour - minimum 20 full-paying passengers – and in such cases, we reserve the right to cancel the tour. In this event we will inform you in writing as soon as possible offering an alternative tour or full refund of all monies paid by you. We will not cancel a tour within 28 days of the departure date except for reasons beyond our control such as the cancellation or change of date of a particular event, industrial disputes or adverse weather conditions.

7). IF WE CHANGE YOUR BOOKING It is highly unlikely that we have to make changes to a particular tour, but arrangements are made many months in advance and occasionally, changes become necessary. We will always keep you informed of any changes by issuing new travel tickets. If the change to your booking is an event where we, the suppliers of the service, could not foresee or avoid, and is therefore out of our control, then we regret we will be unable to make any refunds. These events include, but are not limited to: strikes, riots, political/civil unrest, government acts, hostilities, war, threat of war, terrorist activity or threat of terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, industrial disputes, fire, floods, tornados, hurricanes, transportation problems, airport closures and severe weather conditions We strongly advise that you take out adequate travel insurance to cover such eventualities. We reserve the right to change confirmed seat numbers depending on the layout of the tour coach.

8). OUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE TOUR We accept responsibility for the standard of the packages we provide and for their component parts. We also undertake to maintain such standards in a manner commensurate to the cost of the package. We accept responsibility for the acts or omissions of our employees, agents, contractors and suppliers (which expression shall be limited to mean the suppliers which we have contracted to supply you). The assurances are subject to the following qualifications: (a) that in the event of death, bodily injury or illness, our responsibilities are limited to those set out in paragraph 9, (b) when you travel by coach, air, rail or sea carrier, their conditions of booking apply, some of which may exclude liability, (c) we are unable to accept responsibility for loss or expenses caused by abnormal events during the tour which are outside our control (by this we mean such circumstances as (but not limited to) the cancellation of a particular event, adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion and diversions, technical faults and mechanical breakdown, strike, civil commotion, the closure of an airport or seaport, war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity (actual or threatened) and natural disasters and (d) it may be necessary to amend the advertised itinerary routing in order to avoid known traffic congestion, diversions and adverse weather conditions.

9). OUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS, INJURY OR ILLNESS We are unable to accept any responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to goods of a personal nature throughout the duration of the tour. We have taken all reasonable and proper care to ensure that suppliers such as hotels, ferry companies, etc are efficient and reputable concerns and that they comply with the local and national laws of the countries in which they supply their services. If you or any member of your party suffer death, bodily injury or illness arising from the negligence of our suppliers (which expression shall be limited to mean the supplier of services which we have contracted to supply you and shall also expressly exclude coach, air, rail and sea carriers in respect of which see below), their sub- contractors, servants and agents, we will accept responsibility providing they were acting within the scope or in the course of their employment when the incident occurred. For travel by coach, air, rail and sea conditions apply as detailed in paragraph 8 (b).

10). TRAVEL DELAYS In the unlikely event of a serious delay at any point throughout the duration of the tour, it goes without saying that we will make every effort to care for you, providing refreshments and accommodation if eventually necessary. In the event of mechanical breakdown of the tour coach or any other form of transportation included in the tour we will do everything to locate a replacement vehicle as quickly as possible. Although unlikely, please note any replacement vehicle may not be of equal standard. Unfortunately, a mechanical breakdown may result in the alteration of the original tour itinerary.

11). NO-SMOKING POLICY In response to many requests from our clients, we now operate a strict no-smoking policy on all coaches. This change has been implemented in the best interest of all passengers. The frequent comfort stops en-route on all overnight tours ensure even the heaviest of smokers are not too inconvenienced.

12). GENERAL (a) We regret we are unable to accept any bookings where none of the party members are 18+ years of age, (b) Please note some tours and excursions may operate using a standard vehicle. (c) On occasions, we may operate a feeder coach on both the outward and return journey on some excursions and tours. (d) The client making the booking accepts full responsibility for the behaviour of all members of his or her party throughout the duration of the tour. (e) Under no circumstances must alcohol be consumed on-board the coach. Any alcohol in the client’s possession must be placed in the luggage area below the coach until the journey is complete. We reserve the right for our representatives to refuse entry to the coach to anyone in an intoxicated state. This applies to both the outbound and return journey. (f) If applicable to your booking, event tickets will be issued on-board the coach and are subject to the promoter’s and venue’s condition of sale. (g) When requesting triple or family rooms, please note the third and fourth bed may be a folding “z-bed” and only suitable for children up to 12 years of age. As with all hotel bedrooms, triple and family rooms are subject to availability at point of booking. (h) We reserve the right to apply a surcharge relating to hotel accommodation, transportation, ticket prices, etc as a result of increased cost of fuel and currency fluctuation. Obviously, any surcharge would be kept to an absolute minimum.

13). IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT In the unlikely event that you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of your tour arrangements we ask that you bring it to the attention of our representative at the time so the matter may be resolved right away. If the matter cannot be put right on the spot we ask that you put your comments in writing within 14 days of your return, providing us with as much information as possible. Please remember to quote your booking reference number on all correspondence. Please be assured our staff will deal with any complaint concerning the arrangements for your tour carefully and fairly.

14). ENGLISH LAW Any claims under these Conditions of Booking shall be subject to English Law and all proceedings shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


From 1st January 2009, the sale of travel insurance was regulated by the Financial Services Authority. As we no longer hold the necessary authorisation, we are unable to offer or advise on travel insurance related matters, therefore you will need to make alternative arrangements.


K&B Travel Limited will not accept any responsibility or liability due to the failure of any person to take out adequate insurance cover.
We are sorry for any inconvenience, but the new regulations have made selling travel insurance more difficult and expensive to operate.